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Assistant professor of political science at the Univesity of Barcelona.

  • 2009 PhD with "European Doctorate" mention in Political Science at the University of Barcelona (UB). Dissertation: Models of Decision-Making: Facing Uncertainty in Spanish Judicial Settings (download pdf version)
  • From September 2004 up to now: Enrolled in a PhD in Cognitive Sciences and Linguistics at the AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA.
  • From September 1996 to September 2000: Graduate in Political Science by the AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA.



Political scientist with a strong background in data analysis and the empirical approach to the analysis of institutions, governance, and political behavior. Hands-on experience (research and teaching) with applied statistical methods to both survey and textual data. Techniques include, for example, multivariate non-linear regression models with discrete choice-based response (e.g., logistic regression, probit); linear models (e.g. OLS) for continuous or quasi-continuous response data; and exploratory tools such as Multidimensional Scaling (MDS), Correspondence Analysis (MCA), Clustering methods (HAC), and Principal Components Analysis (PCA), applied to handle and visualize multidimensional data into a lower dimensional space.

My tool of choice is the statistical programming language R (within the free software text editor Emacs) for survey data loading and munging, statistical analysis, high-quality visualization, and report generation with LaTeX, OpenOffice, MS Word, or HTML. Working knowledge of SPSS, GNU PSPP, etc.


Political behavior; decision-making in institutional frameworks (e.g., in the judicial domain);
urban and metropolitan governance; political economy; quantitative text analysis for policy analysis; design, implementation, and empirical evaluation of indicators for measuring components of political and legal systems (e.g., judicial decentralization, access and costs to legal information); measuring the quality of public institutions (comparative governance); data science; data visualization; multilevel governance; political sociology.

  • POST-DOC RESERCHER (15/03/2014-30/04/2015) at the Instituut voor Informatierecht (IViR), Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), Faculty of Law (Netherlands)

    • VISITING RESEARCHER (Sept 2013–Jan 2014): Visiting researcher at the Chair of Multilevel Governance, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Department of Political Science (Netherlands).
    • ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (2010- ) of Political Science at the Political Science Department of the UB.
    • ASSISTANT LECTURER (2005 - September 2010) at the Political Science Department of the UNIVERSITAT DE BARCELONA (UB). Lecturer of Comparative Politics, Political Theory, and Research Methods.
    • RESEARCHER at the Institute for Law and Technology (IDT), since January 2003, participant in several national-funded research projects on the organisation of the judiciary (IURISERVICE) and access multimedia judicial content (E-Sentencias). Also participant in European-funded projects on Drafting Legislation with Ontology-Based Support (DALOS), from the e-Participation call, and in the VI Framework 2004-2006 project Semantically Enabled Knowledge Technologies (SEKT). Lines of investigation: organizational decision-making, institutionally unstructured behaviour, knowledge representation, decision-support systems, semantic web, artificial intelligence, etc.
    • August 2002-Up to now: FREELANCE TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR (Catalan, Spanish, English). Recently translated from English to Spanish, John Colville, The Fringes of Power: Downing Street Diaries 1939-1955. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2004.
    • June 2007-July 2007: invited RESEARCHER at Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research, Stanford University (Dr. Mark Musen), funded with doctoral visiting research grant by AGAUR (2006-BE2-10242).
    • September 2002-August 2005: Researcher and editor at the Carles Pi i Sunyer Foundation.

    • Una nueva arquitectura local: eficiencia, dimensión y democracia. CSO2013-48641-C2-2-R. MCOC-Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. 2014-2016. PI: Jaume Magre Ferran.
    • Copyright in an Age of Access: Alternatives to Copyright Enforcement. Universiteit van Amsterdam (IViR). The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). 2012-2015. PI: P. B. Hugenholtz.
    • e-Access to Legal Information Indicators. Design and pilot implementation of indicators for measuring legal and regulatory information discovery costs. World Bank. 2012-14. PI
    • Between functional autonomy and jurisdictional dependence. Judicial power in Catalonia from a comparative perspective. Funding agency: Centre d’Estudis Jurídics—Generalitat de Catalunya. 2012-13. PI
    • integra. Research in Technologies for Migration Management. Consortium: GMV, Amper, Boeing, Isdefe, Telvent, and 20+ research teams.Funding agency: Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Commerce. CENIT-2008-1018. 2008–2011.
    • ontomedia. Semantically-enabled platform for online mediation. Funding agency: Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Commerce. TSI-020501-2008-131/CSO-2008-05536-SOCI (AVANZA I+D 2008). 2008–2010. 
    • E-Sentencias: Hardware-software platform to improve generation and management of knowledge and images for justice. Funder: Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Commerce (PROFIT), coordinator: Dr. P. Casanovas. 
    • Drafting Legislation with Ontology-based Support (DALOS). Funder: European Commission (E-Participation call). Dates: 2007-2008 (18 months). Coordinator: Dr. D. Tiscornia, ITTIG. 
    • OCJ. Observatory of Judicial Culture. Implementation of IURISERVICE. Funder: Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (SEJ2006-10695). PI: Dr. P. Casanovas. 
    • Semantically Enabled Knowledge Technologies. Funder: European Union (VI Program) EU-IST 2003-506826 SEKT. Dates: 01-01-2004 / 31-12-2006. PI: Dr. John Davies (British Telecom); PI from UAB: Dr. P. Casanovas. 
    • Ethical, social and legal perspectives of converging technologies (NBIC). Funder: Spanish Ministry of Science and Education (MEC). Dates: November 2005-December 2006. PI: Dr. P. Casanovas. 
    • LEFIS-APTICE. Legal Framework for the Information Society II. Socrates Programme. Erasmus Thematic Network. 225990-CP-1-2005-1-ES-ERASMUS-TN. Durada: October 2005 / September 2007. IP: F. Galindo (Universidad de Zaragoza). IP IDT: P. Casanovas.
    • OCJ. Observatory of Judicial Culture. Study of quantitative and qualitative data to construct a decision-support system for Spanish judges in their first appointment. Funder: Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology (SEC2001-2581-C02-01). PI: Dr. P. Casanovas.



    • Vallbé, J.-J.; Magre, J.; Tomàs, M. (2015): Being Metropolitan: the Effects of Individual and Contextual Factors on Shaping Metropolitan Identity. Journal of Urban Affairs [“Citizens in City-Regions” special issue, DOI: 10.1111/juaf.12243]. IF: 1.298 (SSCI), Q1.
    • Magre, J.; Vallbé, J.-J.; Tomàs, M. (2016): Moving to Suburbia? Effects of Residential Mobility on Community Engagement. Urban Studies 53(1): 17-39. IF (SSCI): 1.33, Q1.
    • Going means trouble and staying makes it double: the value of licensing recorded music online. Journal of Cultural Economics [doi 10.1007/s10824-015-9251-8]. IF (SSCI): 1.741, Q1 (Economics). 
    • Vallbé, J.-J.; Casellas, N. (2015): Access to regulations and the quality of the regulatory environment: theoretical and empirical assessment. [Under review]


    • Vallbé, J.-J. (2014): Frameworks for Modeling Political Cognition and Decisions in Institutional Environments. Springer-Verlag. [Book website] [Open online code and data repository]
    • Vallbé, J.-J. (2014) Measuring the Judicial Power of Regions. A Judicial Regional Authority Index. [Under review]
    • Falcó-Gimeno, A.; Vallbé, J.-J. (2014): Defending the Coalition Agreement in Parliament. [Under review] 
    • Vallbé, J.-J.; Casellas, N. (2014): “What’s the Cost of e-Access to Legal Information? A com-posite indicator”. Doing Business Research Conference: Past, Present, and Future of Business Regulation. Washington, DC: World Bank. [Download]


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    • Member of the European Political Science Association (EPSA).
    • Former member of the American Political Science Association (APSA), and of the Information Technology and Politics, and Political Methodology APSA sections.
    • Elected member of the Department Council of the Constitutional Law and Political Science Department of the Universitat de Barcelona since March 2008.
    • Editorial coordinator of La Razón Áurea Series of Comares Publishing Company (Granada, Spain).
    • Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Catalan Intellectual History.
    • Member of the Spanish Political Science Association (AECP).